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Who are your wellness programs appropriate for?

My wellness programs are designed specifically for individuals and organizations that work to protect animals. They are geared toward those involved in animal sheltering, rescue, fostering, volunteering, animal control/cruelty investigations, animal sanctuaries, TNR, wildlife protection/rehabilitation, conservations, veterinary medicine, grooming, pet sitting, dog walking, animal rights, and veganism. 

Do I have to sign up for an entire year?

While the individual program is a pay-as-you go monthly subscription, I ask that organizations sign up for a year due to the amount of work that goes into the set-up and customization of the program. 

Do you work with organizations with more than 100 people? 

Yes! Please contact me for pricing. 

Do I have to participate in the weekly or monthly challenges?

While participation in challenges in encouraged, it is completely optional! You can take part in some, all, or none of the challenges. The program also features other resources for those who would prefer to learn and participate in private or at their own pace.

What do challenges look like?

Challenges encompass different dimensions of wellness -- physical, mental, emotional, social, occupational, etc., to make for an inclusive, well-rounded, and fun program! The theme of each challenge as well as the resources and activities in the program are all designed to build resilience against compassion fatigue, burnout, and secondary trauma.

What do the prizes look like?

If you choose the "big dog" program, prizes will be included and sent to the winners. Prizes for weekly challenge have at least a $10 value, such as an e-card for free lunch at the winners favorite restaurant. Should you choose the "small but mighty" program, prizes are not included. It is highly recommended that you provide your own incentives, such as extra time off, gift cards, or company swag. 

Do you offer webinars or workshops?

While I do still offer webinars and workshops, I have found that staff are looking for compassion fatigue resources on a more ongoing basis, rather than a one-and-done workshop or webinar. If you wish to have a single  workshop or webinar, I highly recommend you purchase a wellness program in addition so that your staff has year-round opportunities for learning and implementation. 

Do you offer personal counseling or coaching?

In order to devote myself to helping as many people as possible, I no longer provided one-on-one counseling or coaching. 

Is this a support group?

While designed and facilitated by a therapist, this program is not a support group or substitute for mental health care. This is an interactive wellness program that focuses on learning and implementing healthy habits that build resiliency and reduce compassion fatigue.

Do you offer bulk discounts on your book?

Book purchases of less than 10 can be made through Amazon here, however, I do offer a 25 percent discount for books purchased directly through me in quantities of 11 or more (shipping additional). Please contact me with your request! Please note, due to high printing prices, I am only able to offer a bulk discount for To Save a Starfish but not my coloring books or journals. 

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