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Deepwater Consulting 
provides fun and interactive compassion fatigue and wellness resources for animal welfare/care/rights organizations and individuals. Learn to manage compassion fatigue, burnout, and secondary traumatic stress and build resilience with custom workshops, wellness programs, books, and more!


Organizations I've worked with include:
-California Animal Welfare Association
-Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit
-Detroit Animal Care & Control
-Jackson County Animal Shelter
-Paws for Life Rescue
-Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Control
-Kimball Animal Hospital
-National Animal Care & Control Association
-Livingston County Animal Control & Shelter
-Farm Sanctuary
-In Defense of Animals
-Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society
-Macomb County Animal Shelter
-Last Day Dog Rescue
-Lake County Humane Society
-Midwest Veterinary Conference

-Michigan Humane



My name is Jen Blough and I am a licensed professional counselor who is certified in compassion fatigue, pet loss grief, and trauma. As a vegan and former shelter worker/animal control officer, I have an extensive background in animal welfare and am passionate about helping those who love, care for, and work to protect animals! I create custom wellness programs and workshops to help animal welfare/care/rights individuals and organizations combat compassion fatigue and burnout. I am the author of To Save a Starfish: A Compassion Fatigue Workbook for the Animal Welfare Warrior and the creator of several adult coloring books and journals designed specifically for animal advocates!

Why have a wellness program?

When it comes to helping your organization manage stress, compassion fatigue, and burnout, an ongoing wellness program is no longer a luxury. It is a must, especially for those who care for animals! But many wellness programs take a lot of money and someone to run them -- two precious resources that are often scarce in the animal welfare field. And "one and done" or even annual workshops are just not meeting the needs of employees. Often times these workshops are run by well-meaning therapists or coaches who don't have experience in the field and may have a hard time relating to animal welfare professionals. 

That's where I come in. :)

I am a therapist and former shelter worker/animal control officer who understands the unique stressors and traumas faced by many of your employees. As I've traveled around the country presenting workshops, the feedback I get is that an occasional workshop is nice....but just not enough. So I now offer custom (and fun!) wellness programs that promote year-round learning, resources, and wellness challenges, all at a very affordable price. Did I mention that I run the program so you can focus on doing what you do best, as well as participate in the program?

So let's look at some of the possible benefits of a well-rounded wellness program:

  • Attract and retain talent with less turnover

  • Resilient employees are less prone to calling off sick, developing compassion fatigue, burning out, or leaving the organization

  • Increases  employee morale, productivity, and teamwork

  • Healthy behaviors reduce health risk, which may lead to lower health care costs

  • Resilient, happy staff = improved animal care!

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Here's what a few of our members have to say!

Announcement (1).jpg

"I’m grateful to be able to be a part of this wellness program and really enjoy that it is crafted for people in animal welfare. It has reminded me of the importance of self-care which I often find myself drifting away from."

Amber Webb, CAWA, Sr Adoption Center Manager

"I highly recommend this group! It has been such a welcome relief to hear from others in a place where there is no judgment. We have all been there and Jennifer is providing some welcome tools to use. Thank you Jennifer Blough!"

Janice B. - Camp Purrr Rescue and Retirement Home for the Loved

"This group is beneficial for me because I don't feel so alone nor judged, as everyone is feeling the compassion fatigue. The tools Jennifer gives such as small daily goals can make a big difference in focusing your energies in the right place. And placing value and uplifting sentiments towards yourself help fight off the compassion fatigue." 

FMD, Director of HSHCWV

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