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Those of us who work with or care for animals have likely witnessed, heard about, or experienced traumatic situations — from euthanasia to animal abuse to pet overpopulation. Chronic exposure to these stressors can take a heavy toll on our personal lives, our relationships, and our job performance. It can affect us mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, leading to what’s called compassion fatigue, or “the cost of caring.”

What if there was a way to help your staff combat compassion fatigue and build resilience? This unique training allows your employees and/or volunteers to gain valuable tools to help them manage compassion fatigue, which in turn can lead to improved work performance, less sick days, decreased turnover, and ultimately, better care of the animals.

This interactive workshop is geared toward all animal professionals, including shelter staff, animal control officers, veterinarians, vet techs, euthanasia techs, rescue workers, volunteers, foster parents, wildlife rehabilitators, management, support staff, activists, and all others involved in animal welfare, animal rights, or animal caregiving.

We’ll explore topics such as:

  • Defining compassion fatigue, burnout, and secondary trauma
  • Knowing the warning signs — could you be at risk?
  • Learning how to prevent, manage, and overcome compassion fatigue
  • Developing stress management, self-regulation, and self-care skills
  • Turning compassion fatigue into compassion satisfaction

*The workshop lasts approximately one-and-a-half to two hours, depending on audience size and participation.


Fees for virtual webinars: 



Fees for in-person workshops:

$500 plus travel in the State of Michigan

$1000 plus travel in the continental US
For pricing on in-person workshops in Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the US, please contact me at



Workshops and Webinars

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